Pricing & Packages

Mini Session

30 minutes of studio time
20 images via online gallery
maximum of 5 people


Additional Images

Full gallery of images from the session.

add R 350.00

Place of Safety Donation

We have a children's home in our area and a place of safety in our street that we would like to support. If it's in your heart, please bring an envelope with a donation in / Nappies size 3,4 or 5 / bum cream / Milton's / Nan AR that we can donate to them.

Contact me

1253 C lawson ave, waverley, pretoria


Where is the studio located?

1255 Lawson ave
082 554 8906

Should I bring snacks for my kids?

Snacks and drinks are always welcome but please hide them in your bag. As soon as your little one sees them they will much rather nibble than take photo's.

Can I bring props?

Please feel free to bring their favorite teddy or car. Be mindful that these toys will end up in the pictures so choose wisely and pick something that will keep in the feel of the images.

My little one is feeling ill/has a rash/woke up with a fever...

As a mom, I know how hard it is to plan (and actually execute ) a photo session. Life happens - and happens a lot more often when you have little ones. If someone is seriously ill or won't be able to make the session we can always reschedule. It is my hope that the sessions are fun and filled with happy memories for everyone.

What should we wear?

First of all, what you feel good about! I suggest trying to tone your outfits in. See the link to our Pinterest inspirations folder....